Gili Islands Snorkeling

gili islands snorkel trip

There are many reasons why the Gili Islands are a famous tourist destination, but the water and marine life must be the No.1. The average water temperature sits around 28 degrees Centigrade, making snorkeling a very pleasant experience! The Gilis have impressive and diverse coral surrounding each island, that houses an ecosystem of tropical fish and other sea creatures. The Gili Islands (often referred to as “the Gilis”) has been called the turtle capital of the world, as it is a breeding area, and there are usually many swimming around! As well as turtles, you might see any number of tropical fish, pygmy seahorse, octopus, ghost pipefish, and nudibranches. 


The half-day Gili Islands Snorkeling trip will take you to some of the best snorkeling spots on the Gili Islands. This will include the famous Nest underwater gallery designed by Jason deCaires Taylor, which attracts many schools of fish and is a super cool place to take underwater images. Bottled water and other refreshments will be provided on the snorkel boat. Your snorkel trip includes lunch. 

Gili Islands Snorkelling

Important Information

Gili Islands Snorkeling Adventure..

  • If you are staying on one of the three main Gili Islands (Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno or Gili Air), we will provide a pick up time and location with the Captain of the boat. It will most likely be at or close to the main harbour on the island you are staying, but occasionally we can pick people up off the beach.
  • If you are staying on the mainland, you will have to organize transport to Bangsal Harbour, where you will be collected. If you need help organizing transport, we can help.
  • Your Gili Islands snorkeling tour will last approximately 3 hours. The snorkeling sites you visit will depend on the sea condition, and will be at the discretion of the Captain of the boat. 
  • You will be provided with snorkels and masks, but please feel free to bring your own along, if it makes life easier.
  • We advise you to snorkel with a tee-shirt or rash vest, as the sun can be deceptively strong and we don’t like our customers getting sun-burnt. We recommend covering-up over wearing sun-cream, as it’s recently come to light that the chemicals in sun cream can kill juvenile coral. 
  • Visiting the Nest underwater gallery will be on the itinerary, and the boat Captain will try to get you there before the crowds (although this can’t be guaranteed!). 
  • You will be provided with refreshments and snacks between each snorkeling spot, and lunch will be provided at the end of the tour.  
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