Mandalika Lombok Tour

Mandalika Lombok Tour

The Mandalika Lombok Tour was designed to showcase the best of the South Coast. This day-trip will start in Kuta Lombok, visit Sade Traditional Village before heading to Tanjung Aan beach and Cape Bongo peninsula. After brunch in the fishing village of Gerupuk, you will head west along the coast to Selong Belenak, stopping at various view-points along the way. 


The Mandalika Lombok tour is usually run as a private tour with a minimum of two persons. This allows for a certain level of customization, should you wish to visit a particular place on the route. It will also allow you to decide how long you want to spend at each location. If you are active and want to spend more time swimming, surfing or walking, we can accommodate your preferences (so long as you understand that this may result in you not spending so much time at other locations). 

Mandalika Lombok Tour

Mandalika Tour Information

Itinerary is flexible & can be discussed at the time of booking

  • You will be collected by our driver at accommodation in Kuta / Gerupuk area at 8am. If you are coming from further away (e.g. Sengiggi) there may be an additional charge.
  • We usually start the tour with a visit to Sade village, a traditional Sasak village famous for weaving. Here you will learn about Sasak culture, marriage rites, and local crafts. You will visit the very basic traditional houses, which are earth floored and made from wood and Aleng-Aleng (grass roof). 
  • After your visit to Sade you can stop for a coffee in Kuta, or continue along the coast to Gerupuk fishing village, where we will have brunch. After some food we’ll make our way to the famous beach of Tanjung Aan, which is ten minutes drive from Gerupuk. 
  • At Tanjung Aan beach you will be free to swim, sunbathe, or explore the peninsula that forms part of the bay. Your guide will take you to Bukit Merese (Merese Hill) if you feel up for it. This is a great viewpoint, and popular amongst photographers.
  •  Following on from Tanjung Aan beach, we will drive past the newly built Pertamina Mandalika street circuit, a motorbike racing track that has recently started hosting international events, including the Asia Talent cup, World Superbike (WSBK) and MotoGP. 
  • We will drive through Kuta once more, before driving over the hill to the bat caves of Goa Bangkang Prabu. These caves are popular not just for the bats, but also for the shafts of light that radiate and illuminate the floor, making for spectacular photographs (very popular amongst Instagram junkies!). If you are scared of bat caves, no worries, nothing on this tour is mandatory!
  • After the bat caves of Goa Bangkang Prabu we will head down the other side of the hill past Areguling beach. We will continue to Mawun beach, where we will stop for a brief time. 
  • After Mawun beach we will continue our drive along the coast, passing Tampah Beach. You can stop here if you like, but if not, we’ll continue up the road to Selong Belenak Beach. 
  • Selong Belenak is a beautiful and much-loved beach with beautiful sand and gentle waves. It’s also home to a few great restaurants where you can have a snack or a beer. If you’d like to try surfing, Selong Belenak is an excellent place for beginners.
  • After spending some time chilling, swimming, and dining at Selong Belenak, it will be time to head back to Kuta. It takes around 35 minutes to drive from Selong Belenak to Kuta Lombok, and we’ll aim to have you back in time to watch the sunset at a viewpoint which also serves cocktails. 
  • After you’ve watched the sunset we’ll drop you back at your accommodation. This will be the end of your Mandalika Lombok tour.
  • As mentioned previously, the Mandalika Lombok tour is usually done as a private tour of two or more people. We can give discounts for groups of three or more. It is customizable (within reason). It cannot include the secret Gilis or the Pink Beach, as these are too far away. 
  • If the Mandalika Tour is not for you, we have lots of other packages on Lombok, please feel free to check them out using the link below.
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