Mount Rinjani National Park Adventure Tour

Mount Rinjani National Park

The Mount Rinjani National Park adventure tour combines sightseeing activities in North Lombok with the more adventurous and physically demanding Senaru Crater Rim trek. We think it’s the perfect way to get the most out of Mount Rinjani National Park, without going to the summit. 


The 3 day / 2 night Mount Rinjani National Park Adventure Tour starts with a visit to five magnificent waterfalls including Benang Kelambu and Benang Stokel  in Tetebatu. After this refreshing start, you will travel to Senaru village in North Lombok, an entrance point to Mount Rinjani National Park. You will visit Senaru traditional village, local coffee gardens, and rice terraces, learning about the local Sasak culture from your English speaking guide. At the end of the day you will camp at an exclusive campsite overlooking Tui Kelep waterfall, where you will have a delicious hot meal and refreshments. The following morning you’ll start the 10km trek to Senaru Crater Rim, accompanied by your guide and porters. The majority of the day will be spent in the rainforest, but in the afternoon you’ll break the tree line and be able to see the mountain. You will camp at Senaru Crater Rim or “Plawangan Senaru”, a ridgeline campsite overlooking Mt Rinjani and lake Segara Anak. The next day will see you walk-off the mountain and finish your tour in Senaru. We’ll then take you to your next destination. 

3 day / 2 night MRNP Adventure Package

MRNP Adventure Package Information

Day 1: Waterfalls, Senaru Traditional Village, Coffee Gardens, Camping

  • You will be collected by our driver at accommodation on North Lombok or Kuta (or elsewhere if pre-arranged). 
  • You will embark on the first park of your Mount Rinjani National Park adventure tour, five famous waterfalls in Batukliang, Central Lombok Regency. These include the famous Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambo waterfalls which are regularly featured in travel magazines. 
  • You will have a picnic lunch at the waterfalls before heading to Senaru village in North Lombok. 
  • It takes three hours to get from Benang Stokel to Senaru, but don’t worry, you will have the opportunity to stop on the way. If you like you can take a break at Sire Beach, which is roughly half way.
  • When you get to Senaru you will be welcomed by your local guide, who will introduce himself over a cup of tea or coffee. 
  • You will visit the historic traditional village in Senaru, where you will learn about the Sasak culture. 
  • After the village you will be guided into the rainforest, where you will visit the local coffee gardens – small areas in the jungle where local villagers cultivate coffee, vanilla and other crops.
  • You will finish your day at a private and exclusive campsite overlooking Tui Kelep waterfall. You will have a freshly prepared hot meal with your guide, along with refreshments.  

Day 2: Senaru Crater Rim trek: Approx 7 hours trekking, 10.5km distance, 2040m vertical ascent

  • You’ll have an early yet leisurely breakfast around 7am, at the campsite overlooking Tui Kelep waterfall. 
  • You’re guide will give you a briefing about the trek to Senaru Crater Rim, which is 10.5km in distance, and involves a climb of 2040 vertical meters (yep, you guessed it, it’s an uphill slog!). 
  • Any luggage you don’t wish to carry on the trek can be left in a secure room at the office of our trekking partners, Rinjani Dawn Adventures. All you will need to carry is a daypack with a change of clothes and personal effects, toiletries etc. The guide will give you a 1 litre bottle of water to carry, which you can switch out for a new one when finished. 
  • When you’ve packed your things you’ll make your way onto the Mt Rinjani trail. 
  • You will have regular rest and re-hydration stops during the trek, as it’s mostly uphill. The first one will be after around one hour of walking “Pos 1” or “Bunut Ngengkang” around 750m AMSL.
  • The path up through the rainforest is well defined and easy to follow. You will be trekking in the shade for most of the day. But it can be humid under the canopy, so ensure to take regular breaks to re-hydrate.
  • Your next rest stop at “Pos 2” or “Montong Satas” will be an hour long lunch break where the porters and guide will prepare some delicious hot food. You are free to relax, take photos of monkeys and other wildlife, and chat amongst yourselves. 
  • After you’ve had a decent break it will be time to put on your hiking boots again and re-commence the trek to the crater rim. 
  • The next rest stop (usually taken around 3pm) is at “Pos 3” or “Mondokan Lokak” at 2000m elevation. You will have emerged from the forest and broken the treeline, hopefully to clear blue skies!  
  • From Pos 3 you’ll have around another two hours of climbing to get to the crater rim. Stick in there – it’s worth it!
  • All going to plan, you should reach Senaru Crater Rim by 5pm, in time to admire the view and watch the sunset. Your guide will prepare you a hot drink, whilst the porters will make camp and start preparing the evening’s meal. 
  • After dinner you can relax on a camp chair admiring the view, or crash out in your tent. It can get cold on Mt Rinjani at night, so it is recommended you bring some warm clothes for the evening. Please check out out Mt Rinjani Guide for more information.

Day 3: Senaru Crater Rim trek: Approx 5 hours trekking, 10.5km distance, 2040m vertical descent

  • You’ll wake up to a fresh cup of coffee and hopefully a clear view of Mount Rinjani and lake Segara Anak. Your guide and porters will prepare you a hot breakfast, as well as fruit and other local produce.
  • You’ll have time to enjoy being on the crater, and are free to explore the ridgeline to take photos. 
  • When everyone is ready to leave, you will start your walk off the mountain, back to Senaru village. 
  • You will take rest-breaks at the stops used on the way-up, but it will be a lot easier than the day before – down hill all the way.
  • Although going downhill is generally easier than up, it’s recommended you use the trekking poles supplied by Rinjani Dawn Adventures as it’s steep and slippey in places. 
  • When you get back to Senaru you’ll say goodbye to your guide and porters, and meet-up with one of our drivers, who’ll be responsible for taking you to your next destination. 
  • This will be the end of your Mount Rinjani National Park Adventure tour, three days of waterfalls, camping, trekking and culture in the heart of Lombok.
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