Mt Rinjani 3 Day / 2 night Summit Trek

Mount Rinjani Crater Rim

The 3-day / 2-night Mt Rinjani summit package is designed for hikers wanting to get the most out of Gunung Rinjani National Park. Unlike the 2-day package, this one involves descending to the crater lake and thermal springs. It starts in Semablun village (East Lombok) and finishes in Senaru village (North Lombok).


If you have time to spare, the three-day / two-night Mt Rinjani summit package is a great way to explore Mount Rinjani National Park. Starting in Sembalun village, you will spend the first day climbing up to Sembalun Crater Rim (Plawangan Sembalun). Day two will see you waking early to climb to the summit, reaching the peak in time to watch the sunrise. After returning to the crater rim campsite for breakfast, you will descend down into the crater and lunch next to lake Segara Anak (“Child of the Sea”). You will have the opportunity to bathe in the thermal springs, giving your muscles a momentary reprieve! Depending on the group’s wishes, you will either camp at the lake, or continue up to Senaru Crater Rim campsite. The following day you will descend down the mountain to Senaru village.

3 Days / 2 Night Itinerary

Mt Rinjani Trekking Information

Day 1: Approx 7 hours walking, 1700 vertical meters ascent

  • You will be collected by our driver at your accommodation on North Lombok (or elsewhere if pre-arranged). Some people choose to come to Senaru the day before to explore the local waterfalls and beautiful rice terraces.
  •  You will have breakfast and a briefing at the office of Rinjani Dawn Adventures, our trekking partner.
  • You will be issued with equipment, such as trekking poles, rain jackets and gloves. Please refer to our Mt Rinjani Guide and FAQ’s for more information about what to bring, and what you can borrow.
  •  After breakfast and the briefing, you will travel from the Rinjani Dawn Adventures office in Senaru to Sembalun village, East Lombok. The journey takes around an hour and a quarter. 
  •  You will start your trek in Sembalun, at an elevation of approximately 970m AMSL (above mean sea level).
  • Trek for approximately two hours to Pos.1 “Pemantuan”, 1300m AMSL, where you will have a rest-break.
  • Trek for approximately one hour to Pos.2 “Tengengean”, 1500m AMSL, where you will have another break.
  • You will trek for around another hour, before arriving at Pos.3 “Pada Balong”, 1800m AMSL, where you will have a one hour lunch break.
  • After lunch you will start the climb to Sembalun Crater Rim, “Plawangan Sembalun”. This three hour hike is steep and arduous, but there will be frequent rest breaks for hydration and snacks. 
  • When you arrive at Sembalun Crater Rim (2780m AMSL) the porters and guide will set up camp and start preparing food for dinner. You will be free to relax, explore the ridge-line, and take pictures. You will have dinner as the sun sets above the clouds. At night the sky comes alive, offering amazing opportunities for star gazing! But we recommend you get an early night, as the next day is going to be hard!
  • You will be sleeping in tents sharing with one other person (not mixed, unless you know the person). You will be provided a sleeping mat, pillow, sleeping bag and fresh sleeping bag liner.

Day 2: Approx 6 hours walking, 950 vertical meters ascent, 1730m descent

  • Your guide will wake you up in the early morning (usually around 2am).
  • After a light breakfast and hot drink, you will depart the Sembalun Crater Rim campsite, and commence your trek to the summit of Mount Rinjani.
  • The trek to the summit is arduous. It is steep, and the terrain is soft underfoot – much like climbing a sand dune made of coarse gravel and small rocks. Unless there is a full moon, it will be dark and you will need to use a head torch. 
  • You will climb to the summit as a group, staying with your guide at all times. You may stop for rests along the way, and to have a hot drink from a thermos.
  • It takes between three and four hours to reach the summit. We aim to have our groups on the summit in time to see the sunrise, but whether this is possible will depend on individual and group fitness levels. Safety is our number one concern. 
  • When you reach the summit your guide will share some snacks and prepare a hot drink. It is important to stay warm, as it is exposed to the elements. You will have enough time on the summit to enjoy the sunrise and take photos of the magnificent landscape. 
  • After you have enjoyed the immense sense of achievement of reaching the summit of one of Indonesia’s highest and most beautiful mountains, you will start the descent back down the mountain towards the Sembalun Crater Rim campsite. It usually only takes an hour to get back down, but again, it depends on fitness levels and physical conditioning. 
  • When back at the campsite you will have a second breakfast.
  • When everyone has rested sufficiently, you will commence the hike down to the lake from Sembalun Crater Rim. 
  • There are steep sections on the route from Sembalun Crater Rim to the lake, so you must take care and stay close to your guide. You will descend 780m (elevation) to the lake, which is 2000m above sea level. It usually takes 2-3 hours, depending on how confident and fit the members of the group are.
  • When you reach the lake the porters will set-up camp and start cooking lunch. You will be free to wonder round, and your guide will show you the route to the thermal springs and waterfalls.
  • Depending on the group, the guide, and the general conditions, you will either camp down at the lake or continue up to Senaru Crater Rim, on the other side of the lake. For the purpose of this itinerary, we will assume you camp at the lake overnight.

Day 3: Approx 7 hours walking, 950 vertical meters ascent, 1730m descent

  • After breakfast, you will commence the trek up out of the crater, to Senaru Crater Rim. 
  • The distance to Senaru Crater Rim is not great, but this part of the trek involves steep climbing and a bit of scrambling. The lake sits at 2004m AMSL and Senaru Crater Rim is 2640m AMSL. We usually allow 2-3 hours for this part of the trek.
  • You will have a break at Senaru Crater Rim, admiring the great view of Mt Rinjani and the lake.
  • You will then descend down from the crater rim, stopping at numerous rest stops on the way. After an hour or so you will be in the rainforest, which affords some shade from the sun. 
  • How long it takes to get down from Senaru Crater rim will depend on individual and group fitness levels, but we usually average around 4-5 hours.
  • When you reach Senaru village there is usually time for a drink / coffee at the Rinjani Dawn Adventures office, before meeting your driver who will take you to your onward destination. 
  • It is customary to tip the porters and guides, but this is up to you.
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