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Tui Kelep Waterfall Lombok

The Lombok Explorer package is an excellent way to visit some of Lombok’s natural wonders and viewpoints. On day one you will explore Senaru Traditional Village, Sendang Gile and Tui Kelep waterfalls, and the stunning rice terraces that sit on the foot hills of Mt Rinjani. 

In the afternoon you will journey to East Lombok and the famous Sembalun valley. You will trek up Pergasingan Hill with your guide and porters, admiring the stunning view over the tapestry of fields below. Your porters will set-up camp and start preparing a fresh meal for you to enjoy. You will watch the sunset with a delicious hot meal and drinks, then sit around a campfire made by the guide. 


The following morning you will have time to take photos, explore the hill, and take selfies at some awesome locations. If you want to take a look at the local mosque and other buildings in the village, just ask your guide. When you have come down from the hill you will start your journey back to Senaru village in North Lombok, and onward to your next destination. 

Lombok Explorer, Sembalun

Lombok Explorer Package Information

Day 1: Sendang Gile & Tui Kelep waterfalls, Senaru, Sembalun, Pergasingan Hill

  • You will be collected by your driver and driven to the office of our partner, Rinjani Dawn Adventures, where you will be offered breakfast coffee, and light refreshments.
  • You will be introduced to your guide for the day, and given a briefing about the upcoming activities. 
  • If you have baggage you would like to leave with with Rinjani Dawn Adventures, they have a secure room which you can use. This is especially useful for backpackers and travelers moving between locations. 
  • The first part of the day will be spent visiting the rain forest and coffee gardens. Many of the local villagers in Senaru have small areas of land in the jungle where they cultivate coffee, vanilla, and other foodstuffs. 
  • The next port of call will be Senaru Traditional Village, which dates back hundreds of years. Here you will learn about Sasak culture and day-to-day living. You might want to ask about the Wetu Telu religion, a blend of islam and animism that is still practiced by many in the community. 
  • After a brief rest and perhaps a cup of local coffee, you will head to Sendang Gile and Tui Kelep waterfalls. These stunning natural features are famous throughout Lombok. The waterfall trek usually takes a couple hours, depending on individual fitness levels, and how long you choose to spend at each waterfall. 
  • You will have a picnic lunch during the waterfall trek, with fresh food and bottled water. 
  • After Tui Kelep waterfall, you will have the opportunity to follow an irrigation stream down to the rice terraces that surround Senaru village. The path follows the contour of the land, and affords beautiful views over the many rice and other fields. It’s not just rice they grow in this region – you’ll frequently see chilli, peanuts, corn and other crops growing. 
  • In the afternoon you will travel from Senaru village in North Lombok to Sembalun village in East Lombok. This car journey takes around an hour and a quarter, and is quite scenic. 
  • When you arrive in Sembalun village you will disembark and commence your trek up Pergasingan Hill. The trek is not a great distance, usually taking 1.5 – 2 hours to reach the campsite at the top. 
  • Your porters (who will be carrying all the food, water, and camping gear) will set up camp for the night, and start preparing a delicious hot meal. In the meantime you can have a hot cup of tea or coffee (or soft drink). You will be free to explore the surrounding area, take photos of the stunning landscape, or just relax in a camp chair. 
  • Weather permitting, your guide will make a small campfire which you can sit around.
  • After dinner you can relax, tell stories, and reflect on your day. 
  • You will camp in comfortable tents with fresh sleeping bags, decent mattresses, and comfortable pillows. 

Day 2: Breakfast on Pergasingan Hill, Sembalun, Sernaru, Home

  • After admiring the early morning mists rising off the valley floor, you will have a leisurely breakfast.
  • The porters will pack up the campsite and start making their way down the hill to Sembalun.
  • Walking with your guide, you will trek down the path, stopping on the way to take photographs. If you have a drone and want to take some pictures / video footage, this is perfectly ok (just be considerate of others and don’t fly too close).
  • If it’s the right time of year, you may be able to buy some strawberries or other fruit from the local farmers.
  • When you reach the bottom of the hill you will meet your driver, and start the journey back to Senaru and your onward destination (often the Gili Islands, or Mandalika in South Lombok).
  • If you would like to see some of Sembalun village, such as the Mosque, feel free to speak to your guide and driver.
  • You will say goodbye to your guide and porters when you get back to Senaru.
  • Our driver will meet you at the office of Rinjani Dawn Adventures, to take you to your onward destination.
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