Mt Rinjani 4 Day / 3 night Summit Trek

Rinjani Trekking Package

The Mt Rinjani 4-day / 3-night Summit package is designed for travelers who want to explore the splendours of Mount Rinjani National Park at a more leisurely pace. Most of the people who book this package with us are either slightly older, have young children, or are not as physically fit as they could be. But we also have guests who just want to relax and really enjoy the national park, sleep by the lake, relax in the thermal springs, and gaze at the stars. If you have the luxury of time, it’s a great choice. 


The four day three night Mt Rinjani package is basically the same as the three day trek, but with an additional night, spent at Senaru Crater Rim. You will be able to discuss what you want to do with your guide, as we usually run this option as a private trek. Start in Sembalun, climb to the summit of Rinjani on day two, stay another night at Sembalun Crater Rim or descend down to the lake. Climb up to Senaru Crater Rim, camp there for a night, then make your way down to the village of Senaru, on the foothills of Mt Rinjani. 

4 Days / 3 Night Itinerary

Mt Rinjani Trekking Information

Day 1: Approx 7 hours walking, 1700 vertical meters ascent

  • You will be collected by our driver at accommodation on North Lombok (or elsewhere if pre-arranged). Some customers come to Senaru the day before to explore the local waterfalls and beautiful rice terraces.
  •  Before you start your Rinjani trekking package you will have breakfast and a briefing at the office of Rinjani Dawn Adventures, our trekking partner.
  • You will be issued with equipment, such as trekking poles, rain jackets and gloves. Please refer to our Rinjani Guide and FAQ’s for more information about what to bring, and what you can borrow.
  •  After the breakfast and briefing you will travel from the RDA office in Senaru to the start of the trail in Sembalun village, East Lombok. The journey takes around an hour and a quarter. 
  •  You will start your trek in Sembalun, at an elevation of approximately 970m AMSL (above mean sea level).
  • You will trek for approximately two hours to Pos.1 “Pemantuan”, 1300m AMSL, where you will have a break.
  • You will trek for approximately one hour to Pos.2 “Tengengean”, 1500m AMSL, where you will have another break.
  • You will trek for another hour, before arriving at Pos.3 “Pada Balong”, 1800m AMSL, where you will have a one hour lunch break.
  • After lunch you will commence the uphill climb to Sembalun Crater Rim, or “Plawangan Sembalun”. This three hour walk is quite steep and arduous, but there will be frequent rest breaks for hydration and snacks. 
  • When you arrive at Sembalun Crater Rim (2780m AMSL) the porters and guide will set up camp and start preparing food for dinner. You will be free to relax, explore the ridgeline, and take pictures. You will have dinner as the sun sets above the clouds. At night the heavens open up, offering amazing opportunities for star gazing! But we recommend you get an early night, as the next day is going to be big!
  • You will be sleeping in tents sharing with one other person (not mixed, unless you know the person). You will be provided a sleeping mat, pillow, sleeping bag and fresh sleeping bag liner.

Day 2: Approx 7 hours walking, 1050 vertical meters ascent, 2750m descent

  • You will be woken by your guide in the early morning (usually around 2am).
  • You will be offered a light breakfast and hot drink. 
  • When you are ready and the guide has briefed you, you will depart the Sembalun Crater Rim campsite, and commence your trek to the summit of Mount Rinjani.
  • The trek to the summit is arduous. It is steep, and the terrain is soft underfoot – much like climbing a sand dune made of coarse gravel and small rocks. Unless there is a full moon, it will be dark and you will need to use a head torch. 
  • You will climb to the summit as a group, staying with your guide at all times. You may stop for rests along the way, and to have a hot drink from a thermos.
  • It takes between three and four hours to reach the summit. We aim to have our groups on the summit in time to see the sunrise, but whether this is possible will depend on individual and group fitness levels. Safety is our number one concern. 
  • When you reach the summit your guide will share some snacks and prepare a hot drink. It is important to stay warm, as it is exposed to the elements. You will have enough time on the summit to enjoy the sunrise and take photos of the magnificent landscape. 
  • After you have enjoyed the immense sense of achievement of reaching the summit of one of Indonesia’s highest and most beautiful mountains, you will start the descent back down the mountain towards the Sembalun Crater Rim campsite. It usually only takes an hour to get back down, but again, it depends on fitness levels and physical conditioning. 
  • When back at the campsite you will have a second breakfast, and recover from the summit hike. If you like, you can have a sleep, or drink coffee admiring the view.
  • When everyone is recovered and ready, you will commence the descent down to the lake. Care must be taken during some sections of the trail, as it is steep with the potential to fall. If you are not confident, please speak to your guide who will assist you down. 
  • When you get to the lake the porters will set up camp, and start to prepare lunch. Your guide will take you to the thermal springs, which are a short twenty minute walk down from the lake (depending on which set of pools you go to). If you’d rather just relax by the lake, you can stay with the porters.
  • The afternoon and evening will be yours to enjoy. You can swim in the lake, explore the surrounding area, or just relax. 

Day 3: Approx 3 hours walking, 650 vertical meters ascent to Senaru Crater Rim

  • Wake-up when it suits you, enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea by the lake.
  • Spend some more time exploring the lakeside and thermal spings.
  • When you are ready to move on, you will commence the trek up out of the crater, to Senaru Crater Rim. The lake sits at 2004m AMSL and Senaru Crater Rim is 2640m AMSL. We usually allow 2-3 hours for this part of the trek.
  • The hike to Senaru Crater Rim is not that great in distance, but this part of the trek involves steep climbing and a bit of scrambling. 
  •  You will arrive at Senaru Crater Rim in the early afternoon. You can choose whether you want to camp on the ridgeline, or continue a bit further down the mountain. Most customers prefer to camp on the crater rim, as it offers magnificent views over Mt Rinjani and lake Segara Anak. 

Day 4: Approx 5 hours walking, 10km, 2000 vertical meters descent to Senaru village

  • Good news, the final day of your Rinjani trekking package is all down hill! But to be honest, it’s still quite hard on the legs, as it’s a fairly steep gradient.
  • After breakfast the porters will pack up camp for the final time, and you will start making your way down the mountain to the village of Senaru.
  • After about one hour, you will reach the tree-line, and enter the tropical rainforest. This will afford you some shade.
  • The path through the forest is narrow in places, and there are some tree roots you will have to navigate.  
  • You will take frequent rest breaks to re-hydrate and re-fuel – there is no rush!
  • After lunch you will arrive back in Senaru village, where you will end your trek at the office of Rinjani Dawn Adventures
  • After saying your farewells to your guide and porters, you will head-off to your next destination. 
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