Free Bahasa Indonesia Travel Guide

The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Bahasa Indonesia for Travelers 2023 (Part 1)

Introduction to Bahasa Indonesia

Bahasa Indonesia, also known simply as Indonesian, is the official language of Indonesia, a Southeast Asian country located between the Indian and Pacific oceans. It is spoken by more than 260 million people as a first or second language, making it the world’s most widely spoken Austronesian language.

As a tourist visiting Indonesia, learning some basic Indonesian phrases and understanding the culture can go a long way in making your trip more enjoyable and enriching. Here is a beginner’s guide to Bahasa Indonesia for tourists:

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    Greetings and basic phrases:

    Bahasa Indonesia Greeting
    • Selamat pagi (sah-LAH-maht PAH-ghee): Good morning
    • Selamat siang (sah-LAH-maht SEE-ahng): Good afternoon
    • Selamat sore (sah-LAH-maht SOH-reh): Good evening
    • Selamat malam (sah-LAH-maht mah-LAHM): Good night
    • Selamat datang (sah-LAH-maht dah-TAHNG): Welcome
    • Halo (HAH-loh): Hello
    • Baik (BYEK): Good
    • Saya senang bertemu dengan Anda (SAH-yah seh-NAHNG behr-TEH-moo DEHN-gan AHN-dah): Nice to meet you
    • Terima kasih (teh-REE-mah KAH-seeh): Thank you
    • Maaf (MAH-af): Sorry
    • Silakan (SEE-lah-kahn): Please
    • Tidak apa-apa (TEE-dak ah-pah-AH-pah): It’s okay

    Numbers and counting:

    Bahasa Indonesia Numbers
    • Satu (SAH-too): One
    • Dua (DOO-ah): Two
    • Tiga (TEE-gah): Three
    • Empat (EH-pmaht): Four
    • Lima (LEE-mah): Five
    • Enam (EH-nam): Six
    • Tujuh (TOO-joo): Seven
    • Delapan (deh-LAH-pahn): Eight
    • Sembilan (sehm-BEE-lahn): Nine
    • Sepuluh (seh-POO-loo): Ten


    • Merah (meh-RAH): Red
    • Kuning (KOO-neeng): Yellow
    • Hijau (HEE-jow): Green
    • Biru (BEE-roo): Blue
    • Hitam (HEE-tahm): Black
    • Putih (POO-teeh): White

    Days of the week:

    Bahasa Indonesia Days of the Week
    • Senin (SEH-neen): Monday
    • Selasa (seh-LAH-sah): Tuesday
    • Rabu (RAH-boo): Wednesday
    • Kamis (KAH-mees): Thursday
    • Jumat (JOO-maht): Friday
    • Sabtu (SAH-boo-too): Saturday
    • Minggu (MEENG-goo): Sunday

    Food and drinks:

    Bahasa Indonesia Food and drinks
    • Makanan (mah-KAH-nahn): Food
    • Minuman (mee-NOO-mahn): Drink
    • Nasi (NAH-see): Rice
    • Ayam (AH-yam): Chicken
    • Ikan (EE-kahn): Fish

    Here are twenty common food and drink items that might be ordered while visiting Indonesia, with Indonesian to English translations and pronunciation:

    1. Nasi goreng (NAH-see GOH-rehng): Fried rice
    2. Mie goreng (MEE-eh GOH-rehng): Fried noodles
    3. Sate (SAH-teh): Grilled meat skewers
    4. Gado-gado (GAH-doh GAH-doh): Vegetables with peanut sauce
    5. Bakso (BAHK-soh): Meatballs
    6. Satay (SAH-tay): Grilled meat skewers
    7. Rendang (REHN-dahng): Spicy meat dish
    8. Soto (SOH-toh): Soup
    9. Ayam goreng (AH-yam GOH-rehng): Fried chicken
    10. Nasi uduk (NAH-see OO-dook): Coconut rice
    11. Nasi campur (NAH-see CHAHM-poor): Mixed rice
    12. Nasi kuning (NAH-see KOO-neeng): Yellow rice
    13. Soto ayam (SOH-toh AH-yam): Chicken soup
    14. Gudeg (GOO-dehg): Sweet jackfruit dish
    15. Pepes (PEH-pehs): Grilled or steamed food in banana leaves
    16. Bubur ayam (BOO-boor AH-yam): Chicken congee
    17. Karedok (KAH-reh-dohk): Raw vegetables with peanut sauce
    18. Es teh (EH-seh TEH): Ice tea
    19. Es jeruk (EH-seh JEH-rook): Ice citrus juice
    20. Es campur (EH-seh CHAHM-poor): Mixed ice dessert

    Asking for directions and locations:

    Bahasa Indonesia Asking Directions
    • Di mana (dee MAH-nah): Where
    • Ke mana (keh MAH-nah): Where to
    • Kemana (keh-MAH-nah): Where (informal)
    • Jalan (JAH-lahn): Road
    • Apakah ini jalan ke (ah-PAH-kah EE-nee JAH-lahn keh): Is this the way to
    • Saya ingin pergi ke (SAH-yah eeng-EEN pehr-GEE keh): I want to go to
    • Apakah ada (ah-PAH-kah AH-dah): Is there
    • Tempat (TEHM-paht): Place
    • Bandara (bahn-DAH-rah): Airport
    • Stasiun (stah-SOO-oon): Train station

    Shopping and negotiating:

    Bahasa Indonesian Shopping Phrases
    • Beli (BEH-lee): Buy
    • Jual (JOO-ahl): Sell
    • Harga (HAHR-gah): Price
    • Berapa (beh-RAH-pah): How much
    • Mahal (MAH-hahl): Expensive
    • Murah (MOO-rah): Cheap
    • Diskon (dee-SKOHN): Discount
    • Saya mau (SAH-yah mah-OO): I want
    • Saya tidak mau (SAH-yah TEE-dak mah-OO): I don’t want


    Bahasa Indonesia Transport
    • Bis (bees): Bus
    • Taksi (tahk-SEE): Taxi
    • Kereta (keh-REH-tah): Train
    • Pesawat (peh-SAH-waht): Plane
    • Angkutan (ahng-koo-TAHN): Transportation
    • Berangkat (beh-RAHNG-kaht): Depart
    • Tiba (TEE-bah): Arrive
    • Terminal (TEHR-mih-nahl): Terminal
    • Tiket (TEE-keht): Ticket


    • Hotel (hoh-TEHL): Hotel
    • Kamar (KAH-mahr): Room
    • Satu kamar (SAH-too KAH-mahr): One room
    • Dua kamar (DOO-ah KAH-mahr): Two rooms
    • Kosong (KOH-sohng): Empty
    • Penuh (PEH-noo): Full
    • Check-in (chehk-IN): Check-in
    • Check-out (chehk-OH-teh): Check-out

    Health and Emergencies:

    Bahasa Indonesia Medical Phrases
    • Hotel (hoh-TEHL): Hotel
    • Kamar (KAH-mahr): Room
    • Satu kamar (SAH-too KAH-mahr): One room
    • Dua kamar (DOO-ah KAH-mahr): Two rooms
    • Kosong (KOH-sohng): Empty
    • Penuh (PEH-noo): Full
    • Check-in (chehk-IN): Check-in
    • Check-out (chehk-OH-teh): Check-out

    To be continued in Part 2..



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